Economic Aspects Of Sustainable Development Of Built Environment In Europe – Daniela Špirková, Koloman Ivanička, Mária Zúbková

Publication Aspects of Sustainable Development of Built Environment in Europe contains the results of research activities of the European research projects of its authors. Provides a comprehensive view of the development of built-up area in terms of sustainability of key areas (such as energy consumption, sustainable transport systems, new approaches of energy efficiency improvement in buildings, land management, etc.). Plans for economic area development should identify the attributes of quality of life, build on them and offer their businesses.

An important component of the overall integration the authors consider spatial and land integration, which in the form of spatial development policies contributes to competitiveness, productivity and growth in the various regions and therefore to the protection of the environment and the overall sustainability of the area development. With regard to economic aspects of the built-up area, the authors also address the case of so-called market failure – externalities that require correction by the state.